When God says pause, or …. NO

My life has been changing a lot in the past six months.

My family and I moved over 100 miles away from my native town and life has been crazy. Just getting daily tasks such as getting ready in the morning, doing school, cooking meals and more recently feeding and walking our puppy, have been hard. Photography still captures my attention and I am often awestruck by it but really I am questioning if I should pursue it. I am approaching in a few months 17. My life plans have played out much differently than I imagined. I feel like maybe I need to lay down the side dream of photography and focus on what I believe I have been called to do. I used to think I could stretch myself. I could be a birth photographer, a farmer, a midwife and a writer ( all of which are time consuming and mentally taxing) all while dealing with life. I was wrong and I see that I may have to sacrifice some side dreams to do what God has called me to.

Just some thoughts I’m praying and trying to figure things out. Prayers would be cherished!

That’s all for now!



Still going

Photography had been on the back burner for me the past few months but I wanted to update and say I still am going for it, it’s just taking more time than I thought.


Photography Class

Today I got to take a photo class today. It was super informal, and helped me a lot. I was able to better understand exposure, ISO, aperture, etc…

I also was better able to under stand how lighting affects your pictures. Things like (say you’re shooting your subject inside a house)  how to use light from a window in relation on how you pose your subject. We also covered something’s like how to shoot silhouettes, (something I really want to know how to do.) and things to avoid (like dappled light, too much shadow, etc…)

Any way it was a great 3 hours. Thank You Ms. C for taking the time to share you experience!

That’s all for today!

~The Farmer Girl


Welcome to my photography site! I am a Christian , teenage, photographer in progress. This is my site. I currently do not have a portfolio, but when I do have one this is were you can find it! Thanks for stopping by.

May God bless your day!