Photography Class

Today I got to take a photo class today. It was super informal, and helped me a lot. I was able to better understand exposure, ISO, aperture, etc…

I also was better able to under stand how lighting affects your pictures. Things like (say you’re shooting your subject inside a house)  how to use light from a window in relation on how you pose your subject. We also covered something’s like how to shoot silhouettes, (something I really want to know how to do.) and things to avoid (like dappled light, too much shadow, etc…)

Any way it was a great 3 hours. Thank You Ms. C for taking the time to share you experience!

That’s all for today!

~The Farmer Girl



Welcome to my photography site! I am a Christian , teenage, photographer in progress. This is my site. I currently do not have a portfolio, but when I do have one this is were you can find it! Thanks for stopping by.

May God bless your day!